Steps to be followed to set up an e-Commerce Web-Store


1) Market Analysis and Research:
     Where do you want to start your website means location like India, US or Worldwide.. Decide first and learn about analysis in market and future in your e-commerce, do research and analysis in market that which product do you want to sale and how beneficial for customer.
     Decide you are starting B2B or B2C or C2C e-Commerce platform/website. Find suitable and easy name for your webstore.
2) Planning with Risk analysis
Planning with Wire-frame in Architectural designing of E-commerce website is important. start planning with team after requirement analysis and Risk Analysis and its solution.
3) Catalog Designing and template designing
   After completion of requirement analysis you should concentrate on user Interface UI-designing, In which your catalog of product should be with description, quick view and Ad to Cart button with products images. User should visit your website time to time with its User-friendly UI.
4) Functional development of website

Search of product should be easy for user. Make purchasing easy to customer in few steps like View Product–> Add-To-Cart –> checkout/login.

Now Concentrate on Checkout page get only basic information from customer,otherwise he will get hectic to fill-up unwanted fields in checkout form. after purchasing tracking of order should be visible for customer. Ad payment gateway which is secure and well-known  to customer.

5) Delivery of Product/Shipping

Take a good partner for delivery of product or start your own shipping. Make sure product will be delivered within time or on-time delivery is important. Be flexible to deliver your product on customers demand. You need to research/study on this step. In this step return policy, Email notification, SMS notification should be included in your service.

6) Launching:

Above steps should be prepared before launching of your website.

Before launching and after launching SEO, Email Marketing, SMS marketing, Social Marketing plays vital role in your online business.

Product updation in stock products, out of stock products, offers on particular product are very important to keep customer ON.


latest marketing technology trends in E-commerce in India


There are several ways to do marketing for e-commerce. Like
1) Social Media
2) Blogs
3) Videos
4) Email Marketing
5) SMS Marketing
6) Google Ad-wards
7) Billboards in selected city
8) Ads on TV

few suggested trends of marketing now a days.
1) Social Media
2) Videos/ Ads on TV
3) Proper SEO with blogs and content marketing
4) Google Ad-wards

(Other ways like SMS, Email Marketing now a days going to die, because take slef example how much % of messages and emails do you check which gives ads and offers? I bet less than 30%)

1) Social Media:
It is best way to advertize your business or e-Commerce portal, managing that page on social media is very important with daily updation.

2) Videos:
There are several companies who provides animated or explainer videos, which is very impressive to  promote your ecommerce website or services to the actual customer through social media, YouTube and TV ads.

3) SEO and content writing:
Search engine optimization mostly depend on blogging, and contents where you can explain your product, features or services with different-different blogs. So make sure your content marketing and blogging is proper.

4) Google Adwards:
You can go also through google adwards which is visible to most of the customer who will search services related to your product/service / name..

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